So is Trimble Connect dead?

With the release of Quadri ? It seems to work the way I envisioned Trimble Connect working, a lot more useful as my Trimble Connect Business version gathers dust.

Central data is still kept in Trimble Connect. I think Quadri is just an app that takes full advantage of it, fit for ‘civil’ workflows (with the new registration, there’s gonna be plenty of work to do).
Because of the open character of Trimble Connect (providing a platform for other software packages) there’s a risk that folks won’t take the effort to develop workflows for their specific situation. Apps that work ‘out of the box’ might be usefull. Creating custom build API’s does take time off course and it is not well known (at least in the SketchUp Universe).
Around these parts (Europe) TC and BIM is taking a huge leap, I would sayTC is in the midst of it’s pre-adolescence.

Can you describe your workflow and what obstacle’s you are running in to?

No obstacles just envisioned TC being more like what Quadri seems to be. With Quadri, I can take a survey, point cloud, etc, through Trimble Business Center and upload as an Existing Conditions, then I can take a Civil 3D project and upload as a Site Plan, then I can add building design through Sketchup, and finally I can add the Asbuild Survey, all of this is combined into a intelligent 3D model and with the bidirectional links any changes made in TBC or Sketchup get automatically updated in Quadri so that we always have the most up to date model with all the information in it. I don’t believe there’s a way to do all this in TC. Most of our projects have survey data, civil data, structural data, architectural data, and MEP data, just nice to have all that data in one model.

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