Trimble Connect and Sketchup Subscription Plans


We’re (finally) thinking on changing our collaboration cloud service from Google Drive to Trimble Connect. We’ve tried it and it looks great.

My first question is related to this page:

We have very heavy project files.

  1. Is Trimble Connect really unlimited cloud storage?

  2. Are you planning on keeping it in the subscription plan or is it subject to be removed, sometime, like you did with Sefaira?

I’m starting with a single project for now, to test it out, but I’m going to get hooked to it, so I’m concerned about that before it get’s too serious.

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Well, you’re in good company. With the ‘normal’ SketchUp subscription you’ll have Trimble Connect Business with unlimited projects, members and cloud storage.

Unless there is gonna be some nuclear disaster, that storage would probably still survive (!) because the data is ‘spread’ over several datacenters.
There is a maximum filesize upload of 100gb but that’s merely texhnical, I think. Best MO is to use Trimble Connect Sync and have your projects on a local drive, though.

You need to set up some sort of system, like a real BIM manager, divide your project, create roles for your team members and collaborators etc.

Btw, though TC is mainly developed by Tekla engineers, it would be nice to see some of the features implemented for LayOut and SketchUp as well.

Like the newly released annotations extension:


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You’re guilty for my recent interest in TC.