Trimble Connect Licensing Question

Let me set the scene here:

I use two versions of SketchUp licensing:

  • Personally, I use Classic licensing with annual maintenance fee. This gives me 10MB of Trimble Connect (TC) storage space.
  • At work, my employer pays for a SketchUp Pro subscription license. Which has unlimited Trimble Connect storage.

I have a personal project that I’m storing on TC under my work TC login (with my employers permission) so I don’t blow the storage space limitation of what I’m entitled to with my Classic SketchUp license. Using my work TC login, I’ve shared this project both with the personal email associated with my Classic license and with a friend who wants to follow this project.

Finally, from my home computer only (I don’t work on this on my employer’s time), I use Trimble Connect Synch to keep an up to date copy of ALL project files on TC (they are all created and revised on my home computer).

Here’s the problem:

When I log into TC with my personal login, I get this warning:

And here’s my question: Will my access to this project really go away if I don’t “request license”? and just continue as a free (not really, I assume that some of my annual SketchUp Classic maintenance should be applied to this) user without worrying about losing access?

Actually, a 2nd question: Will my friend, who has NO SketchUp license, get this as well? And a follow up: Will HE need to buy a license?


I believe it is 10GB
One project, 5 collaborators

It will be set to ‘read only’ at most.
As long as the projects ‘lives’ , the participants should have acces to it. I think it’s merely advertising techniques…

I hope not!

This is the part I hope is true!

I’m marking your post as the solution, but reserve the right to uncheck it if a more definitive answer comes in!