Trimble Connect compatibility anouncements

With the release of SketchUp Pro 2021.1, Trimble Connect is no longer compatibel anymore.
Downsaving to an earlier version (2020) is needed.

Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause!


Trimble Connect Paladin

Update 19-06-2021

Issue is now resolved, Trimble Connect is compatible with version 2021.1

Happy BIM-ming!!!

Where can I see the scenes in Trimble Connect??? I’m using it for the first time but can’t see the scenes (and section cuts) I saved within the model.

Thanks in advance!

Trimble Connect is set up to be a siloed container of data that you can share.
Hidden geometry or section cuts as well as scenes need to be minimised, it’s all about the model(s).
You can create ‘Views’ in the 3D Viewer, name them, group them and share certain or all Views including multiple (!) section cuts, models loaded at that time and which layers where visible, comment on those etc.

It’s the way to get to level 3 of BIM.

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Thanks Mike…I’ll dive into it!

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