CAD tigers feedback request

More feedback needed!

I’ve seen that and thought of applying but I’m no longer a CAD guy.


Can you re-save the DWG file back to an earlier file standard, like 2010, or 2004?

Dear Mike,

I’ve already been playing around with it and it looks promising, very happy with it indeed to check drawings of the constructeurs etc…But what I would really like to know is what does it has to do with Sketchup? What will be the added value for us as SU-users. Can or will it replace Layout, are we finally getting a more sophisticated DXF-eport (with lineweigths, section fills, hatches etc etc)? What is the plan? Right now Layout for me, has replaced Vectorworks. Even though it has some shortcomings(speed, hatching etc etc) I have a lot of ‘work arounds’ to get my projects done with it. So, what is the focus? I would really like to know…Thanks!

With Trimble Connect the focus is not the SketchUp model but the way you can view all models and drawings on the same model space. You can overlay SKP files, Revit, DWG, etc and review all 2d and 3d in the same space.

It deals with all files you have in a project at the same time and allows coordination while giving you cloud storage and portability.

It’s a very interesting tool and it would make total sense that it could replace Layout for all those file types. It seems to have the means to do that but unfortunately I don’t know if it will.

I wish it would

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I wish it would to…:confused:

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