Basic CAD editing in Trimble Connect

We Value Your Feedback: Basic CAD editing in Trimble Connect

Hi, I’m Peter, a Product Manager at SketchUp. Recently, our colleagues at Trimble Connect introduced a pilot of baseline. browser-based CAD editing. We would like to know if and how a CAD editor in Trimble Connect might be useful as a complement to the work you do in SketchUp and LayOut…

Trimble Connect for Browser now enables opening DWG and DXF drawings in our cloud based CAD application (BETA)! If you have a Trimble Connect Business license, you will be able to edit drawings and save changes directly to Trimble Connect!

After activation of “Edit” mode, CAD file content can be changed without downloading the file to your local machine or needing to re-upload after completing your edits.

Here’s how to get started using Trimble Connect’s CAD capability:


  1. You must have a project in Trimble Connect with a DWG or DXF file

  2. For uploading files to Trimble Connect - please see these instructions

  3. For viewing drawings in Trimble Connect CAD, you must have a Trimble Connect for Free license

  4. For editing drawings users must have a Trimble Connect Business license or higher

Opening Files in Trimble Connect CAD

  1. Open your project in Trimble Connect for Browser.
  2. Go to the Explorer page.
  3. Select a DWG or DXF file.
  4. When you have selected a file, the detail panel will open on the right-side.
  5. Click the View in button and select CAD Viewer to launch Trimble Connect CADBETA in another tab.
  6. Click Edit to enter Edit mode.

Saving Files

After activation of “Edit” mode, CAD file content can be changed without downloading the file to your local machine and re-uploading after completing your edits. Once you are done with your changes, you can click Save to have the new version added to your project.

Changes made to the file content are saved directly to Connect and result in a new version of the file, accessible through the file details in the right-side panel in Data Explorer. Note that there is a delay of about a minute for the file version change to be visible.

Want to give feedback?

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To be clear, we are not evaluating this capability as an alternative to document and drawing composition in LayOut. On the contrary, we are investigating ways to make assets stored in Connect more accessible in both SketchUp and LayOut. But this is a unique opportunity for us and the Connect team to learn about how SketchUp users may work with CAD files directly, and whether a tighter integration with CAD editing could benefit you.


I’ll give it a try.

is it still available?
I get this error:

might wanna check this thread, too :slight_smile: