Using Edges & Profiles

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I work alongside a Solidworks user and use the Simlab Solidworks importer.

I was wondering how I can get edges to show rather than turning profiles on 1. I guess I am asking whether there is an easy way to get a simple outlined edge for these imports for when I use hidden line. Hope this makes sense! Thanks

TE KAPUA NET.skp (6.1 MB)

Profile are the way you get the outlines of the parts to show in Hidden Line face style. I guess you could choose to unhide or unsoften edges in the right locations so the parts show but that’ll only work for one camera position.

BTW, it wouldn’t hurt to run CleanUp3 on your model after you import the Solidworks file.
Screenshot - 3_21_2024 , 3_26_28 PM

TE KAPUA NET.skp (4.2 MB)

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Okay! Thank you! Running now :slight_smile: