No edges on my model


I’ve imported via Simlabs soildworks importer. Once the model is in sketchup the edges arn’t displaying. The only way to view edges is with profiles on.

Is there any fix for this ?

Faces do not exist without edges.
Share the model and we’ll help you find them.

Did you try checking if edges in the view tab is marked with a ckeck next to it.

Here’s the model, sorry it was too large to import directly as its been created in solidworks where i have simplified hugely and the size is working for me. The edges aren’t displaying which inst an issue for me but for others who i need to share it with its not ideal.

The problem seems to be with the style you have set by default. For some reason there hidden lines do not show. Try shaded, shaded with textures, or monochrome and everything suddenly appears…

Click … Window > Styles > In Model (little house icon)
Notice there are three Styles in the model, two of which are Sketchy Edge styles.
Sketchy Edge styles are for artistic presentation, not modeling.
Try the third Style in the model, Simple Style.

78,000+ edges for one little chair certainly isn’t simple.

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Hi. I have just faced the same problem, so if you got the same problem as mine, you can go to that component of group of that objects and unhide all. Sometimes they hide the edge and keep only faces to make the model look clean. Hope this help :slight_smile: and if there are too many edges, you may try JHS power bar plug-in to clean some unwanted edge.