Show edges on warehouse model

Is there a way to turn on edges from a model that has photo textures applied? I assume the edges were turned off.

Hello !

What do you mean ? Is it a model you’ve uploaded or a model you have downloaded ?
Is it on the thumbnail or the 3D View ?

In SketchUp : View -> Edges -> Choose the edges you want to show.

You can put a link to the model :wink:

I downloaded a model of a house. It has photo texture applied and shows no edges for building outline. When I view it in wire frame mode it shows nothing.

Can you put the link of that house in the 3D Warehouse ? Or show us a screenshot :wink:

You can edit the component and do Edit ->Unhide> All

Thank you.
unhide all after opening component did it.

View > Hidden Geometry ON
Anything ?

Layers panel > ALL visible
Anything ?

Select a ‘face’ - what does Entity Info show ?
Perhaps it’s an Image…

Sounds like a poorly made EWH model.
Why not give us a link to it !?

I am not sure how to share the link to it?
It is called Model of Northern Lights. It is several houses. It is a very nice model and I am sure they just shut off edges.
Can you tell me how to share the link from the warehouse for future reference.
And Thank you very much for your help.

They didn’t shut off the edges. They just hid them. Unhide takes care of it once you get the component open for editing.

As for sharing the link, just the full title is generally enough.

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