Using custom scale tool in Sketchup Pro 2020

Hi All,

as a fresh user of Sketchup 2020 Pro, I will need to develop a floorplan with the scale 1:1000. Even though I can rescale items, the scale options (incl custom scale settings) are completely missing in this version.

In addition I like to include the scale bar within the drawing.

Perhaps I am overlooking something obvious, but after a few hours watching instructions movies, I’d it better to ask for help.

SketchUp does not have a place to set a scale before you start modeling like some CAD programs. The normal workflow is to model in SketchUp at full size–1:1. If you need to show the plan and elevations at 1:1000, you do that by setting the scale for the viewports in LayOut. You can also add a scale bar in the LayOut document.

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Thanks DaveR, you helped me a lot.