Sketchup LAYOUT


I am using LAYOUT that came with Sketchup2015 PRO. I cannot access the SCALE tool that allows you to work in an architectural scale format. I need 1/4" = 1’.
I have a fully licensed version of Sketchup PRO 15. Is the LAYOUT program that accompanied Sketchup PRO a trial version, and therefore has restrictions?


The only option you have in LayOut prior to LO2018 is to set a scale is for viewports from SketchUp. And in order to set the scale for the viewports, you need to have the camera for the associated scene in SketchUp set to Parallel Projection.

With LO2018 there is also the option for Scale Drawing in LayOut.

Nope. The only restriction is that it won’t work after the trial period unless you purchase a license.


Thanks Dave. Guess I’ll be purchasing 18…


You can add scale format as you like, from preference > scale > + button.


Yes you can and it’s good to know but that doesn’t answer the OP’s original question.


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