Using Arroway Textures in Sketchup

Is there away to use Arroway Textures in Sketchup?

Sure. You can import the image as a texture and apply it to a face in the model. Or import it via the Materials panel.


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The formate that Arroway comes in is Photoshop and a very large file. So far I am unable to open it

You need to use either a png or jpg file. The image file should be included in the download. The image I demonstrated with in my previous reply is from Arroway. Extract the contents of the .rar file you download from Arroway to get the png image.

I believe there are 3 opitons for downloading the textures from Arroway

They show one opiton as PNG but it shows up as PS or Photoshop in my download. Huge file.

2nd option in 3DS Max

3rd option is Maxwell Render

I have not tried the last 2.

Screenshot 2024-04-17 221438

Were do you make the conversion and are you able to reduce the size of the file if needed

The rar file is a compressed file similar to zip files. I use 7-zip to extract the contents of the .rar file to a folder.

Screenshot 2024-04-17 222550

As per screen shot

That’s due to your choice of selecting the high res textures. Use the lower res textures instead.

i was just in Arroiway Did not see that opiton I go to “my account” and “purchase files” it only gives me the oine option

i found it Dave Thanks very much for your help

Hi Dave

I converted the png maps to jpg in convertio. They are still not showing up in
Sketchup. I am missing a something?

Why? You can import the .png images into SketchUp as textures.

What do you mean? Did you import the images as I showed you? How are you trying to add the texture images to SketchUp?

Yes you are. Describe the exact steps you are following in your attempt to create the materials in SketchUp.

My apologies I forgot to mention I am also going through VRay. I can see the textures in VRay but no change in SketchUp. I read we’re SketchUp needs to be JPG.

Well, that would certainly have helped but you still haven’t explained exactly what steps you are using to get your textures into SketchUp.

Where did you read that? They don’t need to be JPG files to be used as textures in SketchUp.

Normally when I apply a texture using VRay it automatically applies the texture in SketchUp.

I googled applying textures in SketchUp and it mentioned to use the JPEG format.

Why are you resisting following the directions I gave?

If you add materials in Vray they won’t be displayed on the model in SketchUp.

Did “it” say why?

They did not mention why to use jpeg. I figured I would try it.

Once again thanks for all your advice and help, much appreciated.