Using 30 day free trial of Sketch-up - it won't let me save my file

I have downloaded Sketch-up 2023 on a 30 day free trial and it won’t let me save my file - is this a limitation of the free trial (23.1.328 version)?

Working on a Mac but always thought the trial version was generally ‘all there’ to use pretty much as the regular subscribed version - certainly on saving a file as you work otherwise what’s the point?

Is there anything I need to activate that I have missed or anything else I have overlooked?
I have managed to import dwg files, then started to model but when I came to save it comes up with a dialogue box stating that ‘The file could not be saved. The file is Locked.’ Do you want to save your changes to it anyway? ‘Save Anyway’ or ‘Cancel’.

I have unlocked the Sketch-up Application in the Finder window but still saying I cannot save the file.

Thanks in advance.

No. It’s not. Where are you trying to save the file to? Usually when this sort of thing occurs it’s due to lack of permissions.

Did you actually intall SketchUp or are you running it from the .dmg file?

Please correct your forum profile. The 30-day trial is still Pro or Studio, not the Free Plan which is the web based version.

I believe you only get 1 trial per major version.

So for example, if a user had completed the 23.0 trial, it will not be reset for 23.1.

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