User Interface : all objects axis (red, green, blue) always displayed

I can’t succeed to hide the three small colorized axis displayed on each object.
How to hide them ?

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View: Axes ? tic it off.

Sorry, already tried, no change when switching on or off this menu…

Go to Window>Model Info>Components and untick the box for Show Axes. This will turn off the little ones and leave the model axes visible.


Wonderful ! I succeed.
Thank you for this quick answer.

Excellent! Glad it helped.

Didn’t know that existed… kinna pointless since it’s not a snap to point (IMHO)

There are other reasons for displaying the component axes. It may be useless to you but it is useful to others. I don’t keep them turned on all the time but there are times when I use them.

[quote=“DaveR, post:8, topic:18034”]There are other reasons for displaying the component axes.[/quote]I can only think on a few reasons that it might be useful to see them, but each one would be massively enhanced with the ability to snap to/from that point. (Without having to add in permanent geometry or guideline points):shrug:

That seems like a rather narrow view.

The component axes are useful to see where the component’s insertion point is and when looking at models made by others, it is useful for discovering how they made components and groups and what they’ve done to them afterward. Otherwise you have to open the group or component for editing to see the axes and

It seems that some people have a difficult time understanding which axis to use when flipping components and groups. It is easier to figure out if the axes are displayed.

Of course since this is a user setting, there’s no reason you need to concern yourself with it if you don’t want to see them.


Not to mention quickly spotting badly distant axes that cause clipping issues.

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Yes. That, too. Good point.

The are helpful when making Dynamic Components, too. Especially when setting properties for sub components, and you need to see the origin for transformations.