Use visible data in .gif transparency as material

I have a .gif image with a picture of a lake and a transparent background. I need to make the visible shape (the lake) a surface that is extrudable in Sketchup Make.

Any ideas on how to do that?

It’s difficult to help without seeing the problem, but…

Have a look at “ImageTrimmer” as a part of TIGs SKMtools.

GIF is not a directly supported image format in SketchUp.
However, a PNG file can also support transparency etc.
My ImageTrimmer will indeed trim off the transparent parts of a PNG image.
BUT remember that even slightly transparent pixels are removed - so I recommend that you opened the image in say Gimp or PS, then save as a PNG, crop the image as small as it can be [this improves processing time as all pixels will be examined, even when transparent so they will be ignored…
Then flatten the image to remove all transparency.
Add back an alpha transparency layer.
Use the magic-wand to select the unwanted background pixels [usually turned black after flattening] and them.
Re-save/export as a PNG.
Use that as an Image in SketchUp.
Use ImageTrimmer on it and it makes it a component with the unwanted background parts removed…

If you can post [attach] the GIF so we have a better idea of what is involved…

I’ve tried with a GIF before my answer successfully, I’ve attached my test GIF.

Here is a png

Thanks for any help.

and here is a gif

[quote=“Cotty, post:4, topic:5480”]
I’ve tried with a GIF before my answer successfully, I’ve attached my test GIF.
[/quote] BUT GIF is NOT a support Import > Image File format on PC [I know you can get it in by devious means…]
How did you get it into you Model ?

It wasn’t in the import filetype list, but I used “all supported image types” and it worked…

It’s long been a weirdness of SketchUp !
You can drag+drop the PNG but not the GIF…
Here’s my comments on the supplied PNG…

I’ll leave the ImageTrimming to the OP…
Note that ‘Simplifying’ will hang SketchUp as the form is too complex… so Cancel that final step…

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You were able to do what I need but when I try it there is an error. Here is what happens:
Create a new page in SU
Import the PNG image
Save the document
Select the imported image
Click on Tools->ImageTrimmer
After about 3 seconds the error pops up.

What do you do differently?

I just downloaded the PNG file that you had you attached.
That had transparent pixels forming the ‘background’.
When Imported as an Image it worked just fine with ImageTrimmer…
Try downloading your own file, importing it as an image, and test again,

If you get stuck I can send you the ‘fixed’ SKP file… BUT I want YOU to do it yourself…

I increased the color depth from 256 colors to 16m colors. I can now import the png and use the image trimmer. It asks several questions:
Make component Stand Up? y/n
Flatten the PNG texture? y/n
Delete Original Image y/n
Delete ImageTrimmer temporary files? y/n
Image Trimmer Simplifier Factor 2.0 OK/Cancel

I select No on everything and then cancel the simplifier.
I double click the image and extrude it but the whole rectangle extrudes.

Still confused.

Here is the result of the process I just posted

I just downloaded your PNG from this thread… and used it in the Model.
It worked just fine as an Imported Image when used with ImageTrimmer.
Why did you feel the need to interfere with it ??
Retry with the original…

Try downloading your very own PNG and using that…
It works just fine for me, provided that I skip the ‘Simplify’ step at the end, simply because it’s too complex an outline…

Yes, it worked for me too. I must have changed the png I was playing with.

Thank you very much for helping with this.