.png images in my SketchUp File won't show up when opening in another rendering program


In my SketchUp file I will model something out and then place .png onto it.

The .png I will make in photoshop. They are usually logos or text with a transparent background.

They show up in my SketchUp while I’m using Sketchup, however…

When I save the file and open the file up in another rendering software to render it out, they either disappear, will show up somewhere else in the file with a solid color background instead of a transparent, or just a solid black box showing nothing.

I’ve tried Adobe Dimension, Keyshot, and TwinMotion from Unreal Engine. And all of them don’t work. I was told it is the way SketchUp saves the .png images in the file but I’m not sure.

I don’t want to have to add the .png’s in the rendering program because that would just give me double the work.

So I’m looking to solve one issue with two parts.

  1. How can I keep those png images/labels on my skp model when opening them up in another rendering program?

  2. How can I keep them where I placed them with their transparent background.

How do you place it? Do you apply PNG file as a Texture?
Or do you import it as an Image and position it where you need it?

On the left is applied a PNG file as Texture, and on the right is imported as Image. In Twinmotion, only the one applied as a texture appears properly.


I apply as an image and position it, within SketchUp.

I know you can add them as a label within Twinmotion and the other rendering programs but I want to do it all in SketchUp. If I did it in Twinmotion or one of the other rendering programs I would be doing double the work.

And when I mean transparent background… I mean the actual .png , not the model itself.

I have some screenshots as examples I can show you but this forum won’t let me add more then one media attachament…

As I said before, if you import PNG as Image (and keep it that way in SketchUp), it will not appear in Twinmotion. Import it as Texture and apply it on the face (SketchUp - File > Import > Texture).

Or you can import PNG file as Image, place it place it where you want, and expode it then group it.

Then you can see it in Twinmotion correctly.

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Yes you are right! It works :slight_smile:

Thank you for showing how you did it. That helped and I appreciate it!

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