PNG turn grey after restarting SketchUp

Im running Sketchup on MacOs. When i insert some png e.g. on a surface, save the file and restart sketchup, the place where the PNG was before turned grey. Sometimes this even happens to JPG files.
How can i fix that?

Could you share an example SKP file that illustrates what you are seeing?

sorry for my bad practise, i can’t the file is to big… but basically the image (PNG) on the table will turn grey after reloading the SKP file into sketchup.

Any workarounds? im really desperate by now

Unfortunately that doesn’t tell very much about the problem. Why don’t you copy the table out of the model and paste it into a separate file by itself? Then upload that.

TABLE.skp (805.8 KB)

Hmmm… Can you share the PNG file, too?

There seems to be no image anymore in your uploaded model.

I can’t reproduce the issue you discribed:

  • place *.png on face > save > reload, or
  • place *.jpg on face > save > reload.
    Both appear okay after reloading.

Are you sure that you didn’t ‘Explode’ the image on face along the way?
This can cause the image to disappear unless its bounding edges or just one corner coinsides with the bounding edges of a face. (both for jpg and png)

So in case of wanting to explode an image, move it to touch the face border first, then explode to retrieve the texture of the image.

You could also ‘Unglue’ the image first, (it will flip sides), then move it away from the face’s plane, then explode.Leaving it sit on the face still makes the texture vanish after exploding.

As for saving and reloading, I have no clue what happens with your model.