Import GIF into SketchUp


I am wondering if it is possible to insert a GIF into a sketchup project, similar to how I can import an image. It seems like .gif is supported, but I cannot get it to work.

The reason for doing it is to create an ‘art gallery’ type structure displaying all the children’s work throughout the year. Some can be images, but some would be better as a moving image.

I am using SKetchUp Free on a windows computer, but the children will be using Chromebooks in the lessons. I am also looking into getting SketchUp for Schools, and am waiting to hear back on a quote.

I don’t think GIFs are supported. You could try to convert it to a PNG.

Tig has a plugin SKM Tools that will allow you to build an animation from a selection of images, but if you are using the web version then plugins aren’t available to you.
Another one you might find useful by Renderiza is GoSu which allows you to link components to images and a variety of other files.

These options might make it worth your while to use a desktop version.

Thanks. I had a go and the png file did insert, but it showed a stationary image.

It will need to be web-based as the computer suite only has Chromebooks. Thanks anyway.

SketchUp doesn’t support animated images, just static.

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