Importing Moving Images

Hi everyone - I have a pretty basic question, so my apologies, but I am having trouble finding an answer.

I work for a museum that is putting on an exhibition with a 5-channel video (two monitors, 3 projections). I would like to import the .mp4 files for each channel into a SketchUp model of my gallery and create a walk-through using SketchUp’s Animation feature. In the final animation, I hope for the actual moving images to be present on my walls and monitors. Is this possible, or does SketchUp only deal with still images? Can I do this using an extension? Any recommendations would be helpful. Thank you!

Edit: For the purposes of my walk-through, I’m only looking at the visual end of things; I will not be needing the sound channels of my MP4s.

Only stills are possible in native SketchUp,
It’s in the roadmap of Enscape though:

(Video textures)

One possible solution might be to use @TIG 's SKM Tools, Material Tools and Image Tools extension:

It has an Image Animator tool (from the SketchUcation description): “This allows you to set a selected Image’s ‘folder’ containing sequential image-files for use in an Image-Animation.”

It’s not as easy as using an .mp4 directly, but it does provide a possible work-around for the results you desire.

Some wizards have managed, though…