Use of MatchPhoto feature in historical research


I’m a 4th year Landscape Architecture student who has used sketchup for 6 years now and loves it. Am just settling into my thesis topic and suddenly started thinking about how i could use sketchup. My focus is using historic photos at three different points in time to examine the change in physical characteristics of a public space (mostly enclosure provided by buildings and Circular Quay railway station/Cahill Expressway at Alfred Street, Sydney for anyone interested).

I was wondering if anyone can think of some examples of this sort of stuff already out there? Have found a few but just thought I’d ask.Also, as an aside, how exact is the photomatch feature if i know the width of a building, in using photomatch to give me the height?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

FYI: Corrected topic title to “MatchPhoto”.