Usage of SketchUp Free

Morning I’m working at a college in the UK and i’m looking for conformation that we can use SketchUp Free at no cost, our students are aged 16 or higher, most courses that we run are central government funded but we do run some full cost courses.

Our digital teaching team have requested to run this (SketchUp Free) I have been asked by my manager to get conformation that we can use the free web version before we release access to the site.

Thanks Simon

Hi Simon,

I am not one of the SketchUp team members, but I can confirm that the SketchUp Free is indeed free to use. This free version can only be used online, but there is also SketchUp Make 2017 (Also free to download) that is run as an offline program on your computer and is more similar to the Pro Version (most people seem to use this version). SketchUp Make 2017 can be downloaded from the SketchUp website here:

I hope this helps you out, and if you need confirmation from one of the SketchUp team members they should be available to message.

While you could run SketchUp Free, you should look into SketchUp for Schools and also check with SketchUp directly or your local reseller regarding educational licenses for SketchUp Pro.

Hi Simon,

I would definitely encourage you to read the Terms of Service for SketchUp Free and review the policies that we outline there.

If you are working at a college in the UK, you may find that our formal SketchUp for Education program is a better fit for your needs. We have not yet released SketchUp for Web into our program for higher education (which is still focused at this time around the SketchUp Pro client application) but we do offer it in SketchUp for Schools, our new program for schools that use Chromebooks and Google’s GSuite for Education applications.