Urgent sketch up file may be corrupt help asap

@Anssi I do have an earlier version but it is a different file, if I were to rebuild this file but want to work on it on the uni computers would it be safe to use the external drive to transfer it or would it be best to email it to myself and do it that way? I can’t afford for this to happen especially not again.

I don’t really know. One thing I learned years ago, the hard way, was never to work directly with files stored on an USB stick (basically a smaller version of SSD) but always to copy to my old hard drive first. An open file creates all kinds of read/write activity and temp data storage that wears down a solid state drive. So to transfer, probably yes, to work from, probably not. At this stage, it might be worth your while to check and format the external drive before using it again.

I kept uploading the wrong file! Try this:

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@colin omg colin it opened! thank you so much! Now to prevent that happening again what should i do ? where should I save it ?

ALWAYS save to your local drive. If you need it backed up to a server or external drive, do that post save.

@TheOnlyAaron okay thank you, what about when I need to edit it on my university computer? should I email it to myself? I really need to be able to transfer it over, I was thinking if I emailed it I could just keep emailing the file back and forth but I’m not sure.

That would work, or look into using Trimble Connect. Just don’t save directly to a removable or virtual location.

@TheOnlyAaron okay great thank you, how do I make sure it is saved directly to trimble connect?