URGENT 2023 Layout viewport coordinates and SKP scene Bug splats

Hi Guys, I’ve been experiencing a lot of bugsplats when updating scenes on sketchup 2023 and I often lose the entire work. Also, even though having plans, elevations and sections set at the same coordinates on sketchup, the viewports do not align on Layout!

Please could someone help me urgently?!

Many thanks.

I would suggest sharing a .skp file that is having this problem

Hi Aaron, great to have your prompt reply here. Please see attached both skp and layout files. I was initially having issues with the plan and front elevation not aligning and somehow I made it work - when switching from plan to front elevation. If I try to do then from the front elevation to section, the coordinates change on layout.

Interesting is that sometimes, if I try to do the way back (from section to elevation and then plan) the elevation and plan no longer align as it did previously … not sure if that makes sense.

Let me know if you can figure out. Many thanks!
J-06 Master Bedroom Wardrobe.skp (1.3 MB)

Getting the alignment of the viewports right would be helped a great deal by aligning the model consistently between scenes in your model.

Here I’ve revised your SketchUp model to make the camera position in the scenes consistent and a few other edits. I aslo fixed the incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 6_20_2023 , 10_00_10 AM

As for SketchUp crashing when you update scenes, I’m not sure about that. I haven’t had that issue here.

Hi Dave,

Thank you for that. I am almost sure that the views were aligned. However I have just downloaded your files and the problem persists. As mentioned to Aaron , just as a matter of check, once you update the file in Layout, try creating a copy of the Front Elevation and asking for the SA1 for example.

You will see that the section will be slightly above the elevation. Thoughts on it?

As for the bugs, it happens mostly when updating the scenes. Looking forward to hearing from you

Did you look at the way I set up the scenes in the model?

yes I did … for me it seemed more of a zoomed in, nothing much different from what I had. Ultimately what needs to work is the interaction with Layout that is not at the moment …

Sorry. Evidently I’m not getting through.

if you do that quick test I mentioned above you’ll see

it all seems aligned (and it is) … but for some reason in layout that does not reflect. unless that is something particular on mine

I had preset files previously with the scenes, both on SU and layout … changed a few times between on and another, even with other drawings to see if it wasn’t something on the files themselves. but not really

Hi guys… just an update on this. I got some help of a colleague who tested it on a 2021 version and it works normally. Files have to be saved both on SU 2021 and using Layout 2021. I tried to save my file on 2021, opening in Layout 2023 but still did not work. So it seems and issue of compatibility of the never version of SU and Layout.

I would think that it is only Layout, however other colleagues who have never versions of SU do not have as many crashes as I have with updating the scenes - I can tell you that just yesterday I may have had over 20 of them trying to fix this issue.

I hope my finding can help and looking forward to see it fixed.

@TheOnlyAaron @DaveR let me know your thoughts if what I have reported is correct and happening with you guys too. cheers,

Hi, if you have "Scan Essential Trimble Pointcloud … plugin is Enabled, try to Disable then test if there is crash when update scene or not. I found that bug when fixing similar issue for my friend today.