Upvc doors and frames


Hi All,
Hope this is the correct place to post this
I want to make a upvc door with side panels
THis is to show what size the side panles would look like if a made the door 900mm wide
with a total width of 1,500mm
the frame sizes would be 50mm thick, so would have 4 up right frames 50mm x 4 =200mm
Take off 900mm plus frame size 200mm would leave a glass panel of 400mm div by 2 = 200mm each side
So could this be done in Sketch up and if so how would i go about it please


I switched the category to plain SketchUp as the Gallery is for showing your work to others.

Yes, what you propose can be modelled in SketchUp.

I suggest that you start learning the basics, a good place to start are the video tutorials: https://www.sketchup.com/learn


Thank you for getting back to me

where abouts is the “plain SketchUp” so I can have a look at my post

Thank you


This forum is actually one big bucket. The categories are a kind of tag that lets you filter to see posts tagged with that category. If you don’t filter for a category you see everything.


There are so many ways to produce what you describe, this is one option, Since you didn’t mention a height I made it an arbitrary 1.8m.


Thank you so MUCH for taking the time and trouble in doing the video

It looks so easy how you do it.
Can I save the video to my hard drive so I can play and stop it at points
Kind Regards


You can reinvent the wheel but it is usually quicker to pull in something already modelled. It does depend on how much detail and accuracy you need. @Box has shown the method I would use for simple elevations that don’t need a lot of detail. If I needed to draw something for a workshop, say, I might get a DWG of some standard profiles, pull them into Sketchup, and then use Follow Me to create frame surrounds etc.