Uploading a file from sketchup 18 to sketchup Free

I’m new to Sketchup Free/Web since Make is apparently no longer supported…
So I’m trying Sketchup Free now, and I don’t see any option to UPLOAD existing files. I see the ability to save and load from Trimble’s cloud services, but no ability to upload and manipulate your existing files/models. Am I missing something?

Apparently you just need to drag and drop from your local system into the browser.
Would be nice if a simple “upload” option is available from the menu. I understand many apps understand drag and drop uploads, but everyone understands “upload” buttons

Still, there seems to be some incompatibility issues w/ v18 files and Free…

There are at least three options available to you. You can upload SketchUp file from your computer to your Trimble Connect storage and open the file from there or you can click on the file folder and Insert the SKP file from your computer, you could upload the file to the 3D Warehouse and access it through the Components panel.



What incompatibility issues do you see?

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