Upload a 3D scan flie

Can you upload your own 3D scanned file to sketch up?

What format are you scanning to?

Yes, if the scanner writes a file format that SketchUp supports for import.

Be forewarned, however, that a lot of scanners create triangular meshes with very dense and irregular nodes (imagine the work of a very industrious neurotic spider) that are hard to work with in SketchUp. They almost always have to be imported at a larger-than-real size scale to prevent issues with SketchUp’s small geometry tolerance. Also, the quantity of geometry may overwhelm SketchUp and cause its performance to suffer.

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One example from and with @omar:

The key is to determine a balance between the number of nodes and the overall resolution of the object. It also helps if the mesh is rectilinear to begin with. Keep in mind that a 1,000 x 1,000 node mesh produces a million node points. Here’s an example of importing a GIGAmacro depthmap of a penny modeled with 55,778 polygons::

While possible to import and re-create a mesh in a more coherent fashion. this is best handled in SketchUp by using the Trimble Scan Explorer Extension module available in SketchUp Pro that was introduced last year. It works with a variety of Trimble surveying scanners and is mostly used for building and site layouts.

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Hi, wow this is really exciting, I am looking to purchase my first 3D scanner for (hopefully) streamlining one of our regular work processes - medium to large scale supermarket surveys, i…e architectural focus.

Has anyone used the Occipital “Structure Scanner” and this new plugin “Trimble Scan Explorer” and if so provide any reference info on how successful this is? I’m not sure what kind of 3D scanner Omar was using for this example, but presume it’s horribly expensive?

Does anyone know what kind of file sizes are created, i.e. which of the three Ipad models would be most suitable? I’m thinking either the 256gig or 512gig model?

I am ever the optimist, hoping that particularly for our remote locations this could be a huge improvement for our survey process generally.

Here is one scanner for use with iPad: