Importing other 3D files without turning to mesh

I’m trying to import my models produced in different modeling software and save as SKP. I have tried importing as DAE, DXF, DWG however imported models all come through broken into mesh like pieces and when displayed with edges on it highlights all the facets. Is there a file type that will import without breaking it into a mesh? I have some models coming in from solidworks and some from topsolid. I used a extension for sketchup which imported directly from solidworks and didn’t break it into a mesh but resulted in a very large file. This also wont work for the model coming from topsoild. I have done edges off profiles on but this is not ideal.

For me it looks like the model itself is OK. To hide and reduce not needed lines, you can use:

  • The soften edges window
  • Thomthoms cleanup plugin

Make sure that hidden geometry is turned off.

Look under the Options Button when you import files into SketchUp.

DAE Import Options … Merge Coplanar Faces

SketchUp has issues creating new tiny geometry.
When importing DXF or DWG you might consider setting the import units to meters to avoid small faces failing to form. Then scale the import to appropriate size.

Import AutoCAD DWG/DXF Options … Merge Coplanar Faces