Upgraded to 2018 Pro - Can I still keep my 2017 Pro on the same computer

I imply that there may be. At one time John Boundy explained how app bundles worked on the Mac, but I have forgotten (as I’m never likely to buy a Mac myself.) I do remember he said they were zip archives (or similar.) So from your previous comments, it seems you allude to that it does not matter to Mac what an “app” is named, in order to run it.

Anyway, … what I was really getting at was the fact that we cannot on windows put a pathname in the registry with a wildcard in it for example:
"C:/Program Files/SketchUp/SketchUp/SketchUp 2017/SketchUp*.exe"
… for the click handler.

The above might work in string matching situations, but these explorer command features do not honor such wildcards.

The main thing is, that on Windows, it is not expected that user should even be in the application’s binary folder in the first place. Nor that they should be moving things around or renaming library or binary files.

ADD: Note that the Start Menu a user sees and their desktop are actually user folders of shortcut icons (.lnk files) that can be renamed or have their properties changed, without affecting other users or the system as a whole.

So, it is like OSX and Windows are two separate alien worlds.

From my “DOS/NT/Windows point of view”, … I find it strange that users would drag application things around or rename an application’s files and expect no consequences.

Reminds me of an issue my Aunt and Uncle had ...

Reminds me of an issue my Aunt and Uncle had back when he was still alive. They brought their old Win98 Compaq over for me to fix because they said "everything stopped working."
So I tried launching something from the Start Menu and sure enough, I get the application cannot be found messagebox. It asks for me to manually browse, so I do (thinking somehow the shortcut lost it’s path to the executable.) I browse into the "C:/" drive and find no "C:/Program Files" folder at all ! It’s gone. I’m like, wow, malware? What? (I cancel out of the browse function…)
I search the machine, and find the "C:/Program Files" folder on the Desktop (which is really a user folder under the user’s Home folder.)
So I ask my Aunt, how did this folder get here? And she says "Oh, yea, I dragged it there so I could get to programs faster. It was too slow finding things through the Start Menu or whatever."
I had to teach her how to create shortcuts to system folders, instead of just dragging them to other places where they don’t belong. I asked her didn’t the system bring up a warning box … “this is a system folder and if you continue things may not work … yadda yadda” ? And she says yes but I just cancelled it and did it anyway.


This is no different on Mac. Just as on Windows, there are things an expert (or foolish) user can do that ordinary (and sensible) people shouldn’t and in general don’t do. Your anecdote just illustrates that point! Peace…

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Sorry! I didn’t think I was creating trouble! I guess I didn’t pay close attention to the OP’s OS, but my question was intended as a broad one anyway. The OP’s question is repeatedly being asked by users of both platforms, and, since the forum serves as a searchable repository of information, I thought it appropriate to ask what seemed like a common, consequential question for all users. I expected there might be different answers for each platform, but I didn’t intend to cause a ruckus.

A discussion, not a ruckus. No windows broken :slight_smile:

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