Upgrade that doesn't seem to want to happen?

Hey y’all. Light duty user here.

I started with SU Free then realized I hit a wall on tools I needed and hit “Upgrade Now” to upgrade to SU GO. Paid the bill and expected to see next steps for launching the upgrade. Instead I got an email saying my order is on hold pending tax verification. I have not opted to be tax exempt as I don’t think I qualify and I can’t figure out why Trimble can’t figure out how to add sales tax at time of purchase like every other normally operating software provider. Does anyone know how long this typically takes?

I’ve also checked my Trimble account, and they’re not showing a history of the payment I made, or the addition of the product I purchased. Not exactly what I’d call reassuring.

I’m on a bit of a deadline for a gig, and don’t have time for weird/ crappy customer service. Is there a way to contact Trimble (other than the web form) to get this pushed through? I don’t find webform submissions to be timely ever and rarely do you get actual help. I’m growing irritated at the lack of ability to contact Trimble directly for help. Anyone know if they have a chat line or 800 number?