Upgrade setup doesn't transfer

When I upgraded from SU Make 16 to SU Make 17, my setup of tools, extensions, etc. did not transfer. How do I transfer everything with having to reenter all?

Although it is possible to copy contents from the Plugins folder of the prior version to the new one, it is generally recommended that you reinstall your favorite tools and extensions again in the new version. This recommendation is because there are often changes between versions that will make extensions fail. Many will work fine, but unless you reinstall the latest version you are taking your chances.

Thanks, I will take your advise.

It’s worth noting that a new version of SketchUp installs next to the older version. It doesn’t overwrite the older version as many programs do.

Use this time to do some housecleaning, too. Have you got extensions you don’t use? Don’t install them in SU2017. Toolbars (or buttons) you don’t use don’t display them. Take this as a good opportunity to streamline things.

I understand, I’ve not converted my SU 16 sketches that are underway but wanted to start new ones in SU17. Housecleaning is a good idea. Thanks for your help.