SketchUp Make upgrade

Hi, I am a retired Sketchup user (Old Pro 8) and now use sketchup Make for fun nowadays (well some has to !). I currently use make 2015 and have, as I did when I was a Pro 8 user, customised it with plugins etc. I would like to try Make 2017 but when I try to upgrade it gives me the option to ‘start afresh’ so to speak with a new install. Is it possible to upgrade Make and keep your current setup or are upgrades just for the Pro users.
Thanks for any advice.


In all likelihood, the plugins which you’ve been using all this time will need to be (and have already been) updated to a version compatible with 2017.

My vote is to go with the New and Fresh Install… there’s a really slick and cool tool for installing and managing plugins called the ‘Extension Manager’. You’ll have a good time using it to reinstall all of your old ones.

There is of course a 2017 trial version, and that certainly can be installed now, and can run side by side with what you already have.

If you take advantage of this option, then you could try to copy/paste your plugins into the 2017 plugin folder… and from there use the update buttons within the new Extension Manager to gather up all of the latest versions which you’ll need.

Take Care, and Good Luck with your New version of SU 2017,


In simple terms, Sketchup doesn’t upgrade, it installs new alongside your current version.
So you will have a vanilla 2017 and a customized 2015.

Thank you Jim for your reply. Most of my plugins are up to date, so I will have to make a note of the ones I want to keep, get a fresh install of Make 17 and add the plugins - think I’m just being lazy (it gets worse with retirement !!), Pro 8 used to update and keep all your settings so that is why I asked the question.
Appreciate your time

Thanks Box