Install does not retain customizations

I’m using SketchUp Make for my Woodworking but every time I install an update all of my customizations are wiped out. How in the heck can I prevent this action?

Do you mean every time you install a new version of SketchUp? Each version is a new installation. It doesn’t overwrite the previous installation. Migrating from one version to another takes a few minutes but it doesn’t need to be a big problem. See this:

DaveR, yes you are correct, I mean every time I install a new version it appears as a new install. All of my customizations are gone which includes toolbars, extensions, plugins and whatever else I’ve added. I’ve never been able to just install a new version and just continue using SketchUp as I did before the new version. Yesterday I downloaded the new SketchUp Make 2017, double-clicked on the downloaded file, SketchUp was installed, I started SketchUp and then started the process to customize, download and install all the extensions and plugins. I spent a couple of hours trying to find everything and I’m still looking for some of the extensions and plugins. It seems that I’m doing something wrong but I have no idea as to what it is. Looking through the forum I see that others have the same issue. Suggestions for a fix would be appreciated. I prefer to use the latest versions but I’m really getting tired of the pain I go through when updating.

That’s because it is a new install. Assuming you didn’t uninstall the previous version, it’s still there.You can go back to it for reference if needed. It isn’t like many programs which overwrite the older version when you install the new.

It would be a good idea to go back and reinstall SketchUp correctly. It won’t undo what you’ve done. You need to right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator. Then choose Repair.

It should not take hours to do this. Did you read the stuff I wrote in the link I posted, above. Most of your extensions came from Sketchucation or from the Extension Warehouse. The first extension you should have installed is the Sketchucation Extension Store. Then you could have used it to install all of the extensions you had installed in the previous version. (Assuming you were using it to install extensions in the previous version, which you should have been doing.) You can also automatically install extensions from the Extension Warehouse. But, as I wrote in that link above, it’s a good time to do some housecleaning and skip installing extensions you didn’t use anyway.

Everything else (Custom styles, materials, and templates) should be quick to migrate over from the previous version, see the link.

Again, I tried to give you suggestions in that link. It just doesn’t have to be a big problem.

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DaveR Thanks for the help. I did not realize that when I installed an update it was actually a new install and the old install was still there. Until I followed your instructions I don’t recall seeing a repair option during the install. I had assumed that it was like most all the other software I use in that it either overlaid what I had installed or it would inform me that a new install would take place and I’d still have the old install.

At this time I still need to update 2017 with all of my extension that I had in 2016, do some house cleaning and rewrite your instructions so I better understand them, e.g. I need the dummies version.

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