Upgrade Cost

I purchased on 25-JUN-2020 for 315.45 USD. Is there a special upgrade price for any of your products? Sorry, I don’t know the name of the product that I had purchased.
Robert Snow

I do not know if anything specific but a discount would be dependent upon what it is you bought and what you hope to purchase.

I looked at your previous orders, and it seems you paid the full price for two years of the SketchUp Pro subscription. During that time there were special offers for people who were moving over from a Classic license. I don’t know if that offer, or some more recent variation of it, is still in place, but it would be worth you asking, because you do have a 2018 Classic license that you did not use along with one of those offers.

You could call this number: 303-546-1100, and choose option 1. That should connect you to the sales person for your region. When they contact you, say that you have a 2018 Classic license and want to know if there are still migration offers in place.

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I had Sketchup. I’m looking to buy something that will help me with my Shark CNC machine.