Sketchup subscription?

What is the difference between sketchup Pro annual subscription cost £245 and sketchup pro subscription migration cost £196 ?

migration ? I remember the migration but that was back in 2020 before trimble stopped the classic licencing. Back then, instead of buying a new license, you could just buy the update.

Where did you see these two ? on the official website ?

on the site of MC2 DESIGN LTD i saw by the way i wants to bay skup subscription, so i am to know more information .

Hmm yeah I see that

My guess is they didn’t fully update the website since then. They probably removed the classic perpetual licence but forgot the migration pack ? Since they are still advertising SU2022, I wouldn’t be surprised :slight_smile:

Simplest way to get your subscription is here

If you need a local reseller, you can find yours here :