Upgading to SKP 2021.1

I’m about to install the Sketchup Pro 2021 upgrade to 2021.1.
I was wondering if the upgrade replaces your existing Sketchup folder with new or does it just upgrade the program files.
I am concerned about the possibility of losing all my installed plugins and user settings.
Is there a simple procedure folks used to prevent that form happening or does the SKP installer respect those settings when upgrading?

Thanks for your time.

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Extensions and user settings are stored in a user directory that is not impacted by updating to the new version. No need to worry unless you’ve added stuff to the the application’s folders.

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Updating overwrites previous SketchUp 2021 application files but does nothing to your settings or installed plugins.

I have a couple older .rb plugins I installed manually into the plugin folder. will it affect those?

I’m on a mac. This is the warning I get when I drag the Sketchup icon into applications folder in the SKP installer:

Am I good to go?

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If you installed them in the Plugins folder under ~/Library/Application Support/… (which is where all user installed extensions and plugins should go) you should be good to go.

This is the file path for all my extensions:

That folder would not be replaced by the upgrade, right?

That’s correct.

Just did the update. I copied all of the folders with pertinent info beforehand (plugins, etc.) just in case and because I am a worrier.
Didn’t need to though. Just opened up SU & everything looks to be in place and accounted for.
Thank you so much for your time

Hi Gary,

When updating within a “major version” there are very few changes and for all intents it’s basically just some updates to what you have. The only time you need to pay attention to installed extensions/materials is when a new version comes out. Going from 2021.0 to 2021.1 will see no fundamental change, the same will be true if we release a 2021.2. When 2022 comes out, you’ll need to migrate those files to the new version which will be in a new location.

Thanks for the info. I needed that clarification. Much appreciated.

I’m not touching that thing until I’m waaay past my current deadline!

I currently feel my ‘build’ is a load of extensions sellotaped to a rough hewn stick!

Just did the update. All my extensions & settings/preferences stayed intact. You should be fine. If you are concerned, make a copy of what’s important & save to a retrievable location before doing the update.

One note: They new inferencing methods that have been added to 2021.1 takes a bit of getting used to…


I’m not sure my muscle memory can take it after …er… is it 18 years :flushed:

It would be possible to add a “circle” when pressing Ctrl or Alt so that the plotting axis changes, I know there is a plugin like this, but still

You mean to draw a circle by its diagonal (diameter)?

BTW. It would be better if you open a new topic as feature request, because this topic is about something totally different …

In diameter, I just saw that the discussions were in SU 2021.1 and there they added changes to the square, so I decided to write