Updating to a new version of sketchup yearly is becoming annoying!


As I use Sketchup in my professional life, I have invested considerable time to get sketchup (and Layout for that matter) to be set up for my use. I am starting to become frustrated that every year I need to download a new version of Sketchup and then take considerable time to transfer settings, templates, extensions and more. I do like the fact that Trimble is trying to provide us with a better product, but I cringe every time I see the update come along, knowing that I now have several hours of transferring these templates, settings, hot keys, extensions, textures and the like. To make matters worse it s not one program that I have to do this for but two!
Has anyone come up with a quick way to transferring all this? Is there a way Trimble can transfer this from one version to the next? Can we upload this to our profile so it can be downloaded into the next version?


For plugins/extensions:

  • I’m using the SketchUcation ExtensionStore and it’s bundle functionality.

For Materials, Styles, … :

  • You can create some folders with the materials, … in a central location and import the structure in the preferences for the different SU versions:


All my shortcuts came across automatically without having to set them up again.