Updating License Info


Really dumb question: I just received my license renewal. How do I update the license info (or do I need to do anything at all)?


conatct sales.


Maybe I did not make myself clear. I have already renewed my license and received the new license information. However, I did not see how to update it in SketchUp Pro. Since I already have the license for 2017, maybe I do not have to enter the updated information until 2018 is released. That is what I was really trying to figure out.

When I clicked on the License link in 2017 I only saw an option for erasing the license info, not one for updating it.

BTW: I did send an email to Sales as well…and I do appreciate your response.


A licence is personal and for each version of SU you will receive a version specific serial number and autorisation code. You are autorised to install on two machines. If you already had SU 2017 running you already have added some licencing info. Check Help->licence to whom it is registred.
Each pro user with a valid maintenance will receive new serials and autorisation codes for a new version of SU.


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