Updates on the Ventilator

Hello Everyone at the Forum. I continue to work on a Ventilator design. I understand that the acute need for a ventilator design has evaporated, but I am happy about that. I hope it means maybe there aren’t so many seriously ill persons with this virus. But it is an intellectual challenge to see if a ventilator for a health care capacity emergency could be put together. I finally got the valves where I am happy with them. I tend to design by making a little “diorama” and then working inside that. Then, if one issue is solved, I’ll copy and paste the copy just to the right and start on the next issue. So I did this with the ventilator design. You can follow along by just going to the right down the red axis. All the dioramas make it pretty large. The skp file is 287 mb right now. I put it on my website where you can go and download it. It is pretty esoteric at this stage. If you like wandering around inside Sketchup drawings, then download the skp and have some fun! I would suggest if you want to work on any diorama, I would copy just that one and make it the contents of a new skp file on your computer. Sketchup is a lot faster if you’re working on just a little file. I plan to design the frame and the motors that will do the pumping action on the ventilator. One step at a time, I guess. Here’s the url to get your copy of the skp file. Enjoy, Dr. Gray. :slight_smile:

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