The Ventilator is done! Yay for me

Hello Sketchup Folks. I have finished my design of a ventilator. I am sure you know the Covid related time pressure for ventilator designs and actual ventilators is now gone and I am happy about that. But the design of a medical care device for a medical care capacity emergency is still an intriguing intellectual challenge. This ventilator design is held to be simple, easily maintained by just normal people, reliable, and inexpensive. I divided it into two areas. One area is the valving that lets it properly ventilate humans in a modern (Western world, high technology) medical care setting, the other area is the pumping structure that allows it to create pressurized air. This most recent post is that I have finished the pumping structure. The design for this pumping frame includes two gearmotors. The rotation speed set for one gearmotor sets the ventilatory rate of the ventilator, rotation of the shaft of the other gearmotor sets the volume of air per ventilation. Thus, this design allows simultaneous and independent variation of ventilatory rate and ventilatory volume. I will create a YouTube and send it to my YouTube channel (channel name: Patrick Gray) with a detailed description. But I thought I would send this quick note and an image to the forum. So, for those Sketchup people who like to just “wander around” inside of designs, well here is one for you. Of note, to keep it simpler for me when I am moving parts around inside of my Sketchup program, I reduced the valving area to just a semi-transparent box in the four instances where I am showing how the gearmotor pressurizes the pumping chamber. Of note (#2), the pumping chamber un-pressurizes itself by the compression springs pushing it into its expanded condition. Of note (#3), I use springs a lot in my designs and I found with my Sketchup 2020 Pro, it does not like the Engineering Toolbox Extension, sigh. I did find the Extension, Helix around a Curve, and it seems to work. It seems one can set the curve that the Helix is wound around to be a straight line, and the net result is that it will draw springs for you. Yay for that! Whew, I got really worried when Engineering Toolbox slipped away. Drawing spiral curves that come out as true solids in Sketchup is NO FUN without an Extension. I will also send this “Ventilator Pumping Frame” skp file to the warehouse. enjoy! Dr. Gray!

shrunk by corel Pumping chamber with valves surroud showing v705|690x347

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