Workin' on a Ventilator

Hey Everyone ! As usual, stuck at home. Thought I would hold on the robot for awhile and add a type of civic duty or gift. I designed a ventilator. I understand that the true emergent nature of the ventilator “emergency” has pretty much evaporated…Yay! But it’s still an intellectual challenge to design a mechanical object for implementation in a “Medical Emergency.” One thing that will happen in a medical emergency is that the design requirements will be significantly changed. Instead of staying compliant with page after page of medical equipment FDA requirements, the real design parameters will be mostly 1) reliable…there isn’t going to be any spare ventilators and there won’t be any technicians to repair anything 2) simple…it needs to just function and function and function and never stop. And if it does begin to have deterioration of its abilities, it needs to be that regular people can take it apart, clean up the part that is working poorly, and put it back together again. Totally different from normal medical care modern equipment requirements. Anyway, I gave it some of my time. I am not totally finished, but I thought folks might want to look. It’s (right now) like a giant puzzle. I will make a YouTube describing it and send that to my YouTube channel, but not quite yet. Anyway, if you like a challenge, wander around inside this ventilator and have some fun. Dr. Gray!

My computer says the Sketchup Pro 2020 file is 48mb, so I think I can send it to my Warehouse collection. The name of my collection is: Pistonrobot
Yay! the Warehouse says it successfully uploaded the drawing file. I should note, I specifically designed this device so that it could easily be fabricated by the Industrial Automation fabrication shops, because in a true Medical Emergency, they will be the only fabrication shops that will be able to try to make stuff.
I forgot to add, I had this image that some civic minded people (providing they had the stomach to be able to work with medical parts that were covered with secretions), well…these people would volunteer their time to go to the hospital and help to keep the ventilators cleaned up and the spare parts available, clean, and ready. I dictated a YouTube story about this, and here’s the url for that: