Dr. Gray's Ventilator - The Movie

Hello again everyone, as we all sit, look out the window, project out healing and peaceful vibrations and hopes to all the world, and all also continue to hope this virus stuff will simply go away. Here’s some more ventilator stuff for folks to enjoy while they’re caught up in staying put at home. I finished (what I hope is) the final of the exhaust valve issue. In modern human medical care, there is a very specific way that the ventilatory air-oxygen mixture is given to the patient and it involves a critical synchronization between some of the valves and the cycling of the process that is creating the pressurization portion of the cycle. I think I finally have a workable design. I wanted a compression spring to be there so that the pushing force of the spring will tend to keep the exhaust valve open as an almost default position, because I wanted to be sure the pressurized gases in the patient’s lungs would (with high reliability) be able to flow back out of the lungs. From a Sketchup viewpoint, this video is another example of using one’s actual real-time work in Sketchup to make a video and “show people around” inside one’s actual Sketchup drawing. I think that is so cool. For the highly technical crowd, as you know, I constantly lower the opacity of my colors so people can look around inside my models and see how all the parts interact and see that, yes it is true that this model can actually exist as a physically real object, no collisions. I had one drawing where I copied a model x3 and then put these 3 copies beside each other in a drawing. The model has a lot of parts fitted together inside the model. Then, inside these different copies of the model, I moved some of the parts that were inside the model (I wanted to show how the model would move its parts around). In a moment of strange weirdness, the opacity of a group changes as one goes from one copy of the model to another exact copy of that model. The only difference is that the parts have been moved around. So the parts are moved, but in all three copies, the parts have the exact same colors. Specifically, in each model there is a part that is a metal ring. I use this metal ring to be an object inside the model that has enough rigidity so that the silicone rubber parts of the model can be clamped enough get an airtight seal. I made this metal ring the color thistle purple, and I feel that how this metal ring allows an air tight connection of flexible materials is a really important point. In each model, the metal ring is surrounded by a silicone rubber cylinder. The opacity of the silicone rubber cylinder has been lowered so one can see through it to be able to see the metal ring. And this ring shows through and is clearly visible just like I wanted in one of the copies and it just fades away and essentially can’t be seen in the other 2 copies of the model. And this was true even if I very carefully made sure that all the parts in all the models had the exact same colors attached to the exact same parts. The only way I could get it to work was to go to two of the copies and alter the color of their metal rings to give their rings a variation on the thistle purple color that was a whole lot deeper and brighter, and even then, it doesn’t show through well. I am so mystified.The file is small enough that I can send it to my Warehouse collection. The name of my collection is: Pistonrobot.
Here’s the name of the Sketchup drawing file:
from v331 of ventilator 4th stuff good version exhaust valve only v334.skp
And no clever remarks about the size of my file versions, I save a lot, because I goof up a lot and have to go back one version and start again.
I did make a YouTube video about my thoughts on this ventilator, Hey, YouTube never says anything to me, so when I make YouTube videos in Camtasia, I use large resolutions during the recordings and renderings so people can really see what I’m talking about. The movie is an mp4, 1.5 gigabytes, but YouTube didn’t seem to mind. The movie is 58 minutes long. Enjoy ! Dr. Gray
Here’s the YouTube url:

I attached an image of that coloration weirdness, just look at those thistle purple metal rings…and I like thistle purple, what a cool color.

Thank you for sharing. I hope you have success with this and turns out to be beneficial to many people! In any case, a worthy and ambitious endeavor!

Thanks pbacot… we’ll see. I think all the parts could be 3D printed from elastomer media. It would be a fun STEM project…print my ventilator and see if it can mimic a traditional ventilator. What’s weird to me…I’ve seen prices for normal ventilators at $20,000. Yikes! I don’t think my design would be even near to that kind of cost…Dr. Gray