DWG I want as SKP

Would anyone be so kind as to send me back this dxf imported into sketch up? as I am on make. I know there is a free importer but I’m borrowing a PCNo.023 1&2.dwg (296.6 KB)

Is this something you need for your work?

What units?

Not for work no, just my own little project
Its in metres

Hang on. I’ll get to it.

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dont mean to nag, but im twiddling my thumbs

I got called away to work on an anesthesia machine. Critical life support equipment has to come first.

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Here it is v8, I tidied up some floating edges, layering etc…
No.023 1&2.skp (87.8 KB)

like how you edited to not be sorry, no worrries you probs know what its like when ur itching to start something

Thanks a lot TIG, can finally start this thing :thumbsup:

Yes. Such as a knee replacement surgery with the surgeon and all the other staff waiting.

how was I to know lad

Because I wrote what I quote below.


Your attitude is awful, need to have words with yourself

I don’t think you are going to get help around here acting the way you are. I would take a look at your own attitude before asking for any more favors.


wasn’t trying to be antagonizing, was just looking for some help not a favor, i thought thats what the forum can be used for. I felt like I asked in a very polite way and seems like all you lot that come on here everyday think you run the shop. It’s not very inviting, it’s a public forum.

Read that again.

You are asking someone, anyone, to take time out of their lives to do something for you. That is both help and a favour. Check yourself.

Reply to all:

While I can’t answer his questions, I for one, am sympathetic because of this: http://geriatricgourmet.com/files/B_rfink_Bunker.pdf

Since the early 60s, I’ve been constantly frustrated with EVERYTHING computer! I try to be polite because I know that NOBODY owes me ANYTHING. But I understand how it’s tempting to want to blow off steam sometimes and hope the creators of the programs are paying attention. I’m sure he means no animosity toward anyone so don’t take it personally and, if you don’t like his attitude, all you have to do is ignore him.

What are you talking about?

If by “he” you mean the OP, he didn’t ask any questions other than “Will you convert this for me?” and “What’s taking so long?” Maybe you’d like to point out which questions you’re referring to.

Now, as to your bunker anecdote, once again, you’re going to have to point out the similarities between the two situations–I frankly don’t see any remote connection.

Finally, you’ve probably had ample time since the 60s to get over the shock of computers. What is it you want to blow off steam about? Why should programmers pay attention? What action should they take as a result? How is this relevant to anything?


Ah. Okay. I thought I might have missed some obscure relevancy of your comments to this thread, but apparently not.