Updates for SU-Pro 2020

I have a SketchUp-Pro 2020 subscription. How do I get the updates that are coming now?

Thank you.

When you get an e-mail alerting you to the update there will be a link included. You can download the latest version from sketchup.com/download/all. Make sure when you install it you have first closed SketchUp and LayOut. Then right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator to install the latest revision.

Updates for minor releases are first announced, a little later, if you have it checked in Preferences, you get a warning automatically when starting up in SketchUp.
This is called a ‘silent’ release.
You can always check if you have the latest in Help->Check for Updates and follow the instructions.

Thank you Mike!!!

Thank you Dave!!!
This is what comes out after clicking “sketchtup.com/download/all”. Where do you right-click to Run as administrator?
Will this just update my SU 2020 or it would replace it and I have to get all my extensions again?
Thank you.

Click the first Download under Windows 64 bit. Once the installer is downloaded to your computer, find it–probably in the Downloads folder. Right click on it and choose Run as administrator. It’s the same process you should have used when you installed SketchUp before.

Why did you mark my first post as the solution and then remove that?

Hi Dave,
After I marked the post as a solution I tried to follow the instructions and got stuck. No ofence, I am not too familiar with computer stuff.
Anyway, the new download will not override my installed SU 2020 but just update it. Will it?

Thank you

That’s not a reason to unmark the solution.

The new file will just update SketchUp 2020.