To get SketchUp 2022

I have an annual subscription for SketchUp-Pro 2018.
If I want to update it to SU Pro 2022, shall I just upload it and it will replace my SU 2018?
How do I do it?

Thank you.

Each major release of SketchUp installs as a separate application. You can download and install SU2022 without changing your SU2018 install. Make sure you right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator when you install SU2022.

Also make sure your subscription is up to date. then you should be able to sign in and start using SU2022. You’ll need to do fresh installs of your extensions and set up any custom toolbars but you should be able to keep using SU2018 while you move into SU2022.

Thank you Dave.
I understand that no fees are involved with the 2022 download. Right?

If your subscription is up to date there are no additional fees.

Thank you Dave!!!

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Dave, sorry about my question, but I went to Trimble and then I got lost. Where is the downloaded installer?

You can get the installer at After that it should be in your Downloads folder.

I got it. Thank you Dave!!!.
But I didn’t have the option to click on Run as administrator (?). It is working anyway.
I am telling you; it is a problem to be 75 :thinking:

Did you right click on the downloaded installer file? If so, you should see Run as administrator. Before you go any farther you should try again and choose Repair to avoid any potential problems due to incorrect installation.

75 is just a number. :wink:

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I now saw Run as administrator.
Where do I find Repair? Or shall I uninstall it and reinstalled it again?

Can I click Run as administrator now that it is already installed?
(I know my friend I am a pain in the butt :unamused:)

Yes. Do that and when presented with the option, choose Repair.

I promise not to bother you for at least 24 hours :sunglasses:
Thanks a lot my friend!!!


I think you aren’t bothering anyone. This forum is to ask questions :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you Peejtur!!

I am updating my up-to-date SketchUp-Pro 2020 subscription from my desktop and laptop.
With Dave’s help and patience, I successfully downloaded yesterday the 2022 version on my desktop, and I am trying to do the same for the laptop on which I have SU-Pro 2020.
When I download it and click on the SU 2022 icon, I get: “You have exceeded your allowed activations” (?).
Is there any way that I can update also the SU-Pro from the laptop?

@cb94030, does this help?

I have SU 2020 subscription installed on my desktop and on my laptop.
I downloaded SU2022 on my desktop and it works well. I have also downloaded SU 2022 on my laptop but when I want to open it, I get: “You have exceeded your allowed activations”.
How do I get the SU 2022 work on my laptop?
Thank you.

The sign in you have for 2020 counts as one sign in. If you open 2020 on the laptop and sign out, then open 2022, sign out and sign in, it hopefully should work.

Thank you Colin, it worked that way!!!
Interesting that on my desktop I can work with SU-Pro 2020 and 2022 without signing out on either one, but not on the laptop. Is that the way it is?
Not a big deal anyway, I can work with it. Thank you again.

Thank you to Dave and Roger too. :blush: