Update to new version?

Hello, I have Pro with two seats. One at my office second at home.
When I publish to Trimble at home I have no issues downloading when I get to the office. However, A home I sometimes (I have not yet isolated what is different about the files that are effected) cannot download and open skp. files which were created at the office seat. the popup box says,
“operation could not be completed since the model was created in a newer version of sketch-up. you must upgrade to latest version.”
“Check for update” yeilds the response that I am up to date.
Since I have only one subscription how is this happening?

The check for update normally only tells you about updates to the version you are using. Your subscription lets you use 2019, 2020, or 2021. Could it be that you’re on 2019 at home and 2020 at the office?

I think this is the case. Since I posted the question I have attempted to download 21 on the home computer. I have been using 19 at home. I got a new computer at work this year and when installing chose 21.
I had thought that, as a subscription, pro would simply update each year. I guess that’s what “update” means to me?
But, ok I get it -Sketchup’s beautiful oddity-.
So, as I currently understand…? Each year I must deactivate to old and load the next year’s version?
I am searching around the forums and Sketchup Subscription tutorial and I haven’t found directions for this.
As it stands now I have 19,20,21 all installed on computer at home. I am able to open 19. But 20 or 21 take me to “manage your subscription” page. Which when I go there offers only that I have an active subscription with no options to switch, deactivate an old version or activate a new.
My ignorance is very annoying and I’m frustrated that I can’t find anything related to this set of circumstances. Which I wouldn’t think would be unusual.
Really appreciate your help here thank you.

Update is usually within a major version (19,20 or 21) most often, there are minor updates (19.2, 20.1 etc) Upgrade is to a higher version.
You may be logged in on two devices (and one reserve) but, each major version log in counts as a device (!)

Logging out would set it free, but you could go to myaccount.trimble.com and check the ‘My products’, hit ‘View Included Apps’ and than at the bottom right of the SketchUp App click on ‘Manage Devices’
That would clear all devices (and Major versions)

Restarting a version of SketchUp would prompt you to sign in again.

You can continue to have all three versions installed at home and at the office, and there may be times when that’s a good thing. For example, if you’re using a particular extension that hasn’t been updated to the later versions. Sometimes too there may be something in the newest version of SketchUp that needs fixing. An example of that is the exporting of the current selection as a 3D model. We have something to fix in that feature, and if it’s something you need to do a lot of, running SketchUp 2020 would be a way around that.

The limitation to know about is that you are allowed to be signed in two times, and although that may be described as meaning two computers, it currently means two SketchUps. So, being signed in as 2021 at the office, and 2019 at home, an attempt to sign in with 2020 or 2021 at home is seen as a third sign in.

If you need to work with 2021 and see a message about too many sign ins, open 2019, and sign out. Close SketchUp 2021 and reopen it, and its sign in should work, because it now becomes your second sign in.

That doesn’t quite fit my circumstances (I think).
I did go to the office to be sure that I was logged out of Trimble connect and Sketchup there. So only one device logged-in -But still get the notice that I have too many active. And can’t activate 21.
Is the issue that I have 19 and then downloaded 21? Do I need to delete 19 for 21 to become active…and can I do that without losing files, extensions and add-ons?
I have only one subscription. Why would it allow me to have 21 at the office and 19 at home?
Sorry to be so basic, I’m self taught which equals marginally competent.

Yes I have gone to manage devices but there are no available options to change or adapt anything other than purchasing and additional seat.

You need to be in the My Products section. Then click where it says View included applications, and in the SketchUp Pro box that appears, click on Manage Devices.

I decided to delete 20 and 21 and reload only 21. (I only tried 20 to see if it would work when 21 wouldn’t).
This time at the sign in page it says “launch browser again” however clicking to relaunch yields no response. I have Trimble connect open and am logged in so…
Look I guess I’m just done trying to do this. I just don’t have the time to fiddle with the program when I can just use 19 and get work done.
If I delete 21 from my office and reload with 19, I should be able to work at both places? With both machines running 19 no conflict right?
Because that’s fine with me. It’s not like I’m such a sophisticated user that it matters.
Getting help with functionality is just too hard with Sketchup.
There is tons of “how to use it“ help.
Which is great. Thats how a hack like me successfully uses it, and turns out a pretty professional product. It is a huge plus for me with clients. I consistently hear back from clients that they hired me because I showed them what they described and exactly what I was estimating for them. But getting help with glitches and stuff like this is a consistent downside.
Not that you all in the community haven’t been great.
I appreciate your time and thoughtful responses -thank you!

Thank you Colin but I am in My Products. That’s where I downloaded 21.
Under “view included Applications”.
Clicking on manage devices there yields only the option to “deauthorize all devices.”

Uninstalling older versions won’t have freed up the activation, except with 2021, which does attempt to sign you out if you use the uninstaller. This is the help article that tells you how to deauthorize computers:


Seeing the “launch browser again” message continually can be an issue with Chrome. Some people have a version of Chrome that fails to launch when SketchUp tries to open it. You could try updating Chrome, or change to Edge as your default browser.

Right, that is what you want to do. Then when you open SketchUp it will get reauthorized.

We do find that people are intimidated by the “deauthorize all devices” phrase.

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Reset all might be more friendly.

We’ve petitioned the team, showing them screenshots of how Adobe and other people handle the same situation. It certainly could be better.

I completely agree.
My reading of that is -I’m de-authorizing all devices, as preparation for installing on a new device.
Makes sense when you describe it.