I'm subscribed to SketchUp Pro, why does my "latest" version show as 2019?

I’m subscribed to SketchUp Pro (Mac OS). My latest version shows as Pro 2019 and when I look for updates it says this is the latest version. But, there is a Pro 2020 version, right? Thank you

You have the most up to date version of 2019, but there is a newer version 2020 which you download separately.
Sketchup whole number versions don’t overwrite when they update, they are different versions and can run side by side.
So go to https://www.sketchup.com/download/all to download the 2020 version.

Thanks a lot. I’ll save that link.

One thing to watch out for, if you are a subscriber to SketchUp Pro, sign out from 2019 before signing into 2020. If you are signed in to both it can seem like two sign ins.

I signed in in 2020 without signing out from 2019. So far, no apparent problem. Will monitor. Thank you

The problem comes when you do the same thing on a second machine. For me it’s even worse, because I use Parallels for testing Windows. In almost no time I can seem to be signed in four times, while only using one physical machine.

If you see a message about being signed in on too many machines, open 2019, sign out, then sign out and in again on 2020.

Thank you Colin. I would have to reinstall 2019 since I already erased it…

The other option is to use the manage subscriptions option, then in the My Products panel for Pro you can click on Manage Devices, and deauthorize all of them, even the ones you don’t have access to anymore.

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Thanks again Colin. Apparently I don’t have any conflict because I installed 2020 in the same computer where 2019 was installed. In fact, the only description of the product is “Pro” without the 2019 or the 2020. The renewal is due the next year, as I renewed one month ago.

To @Box, I am very new to SketchUp Pro and LayOut with a 2019 subscription, and I am a bit confused as to which is better to upgrade to … 2019.3 (the update available) or to the 2020.1 version. Starting out, should I stay with 2019 version or change to the newest 2020 version? A bit fuzzy. Any suggestions would be helpful! Thank you.

I’m not Box but I play him on TV.

Really there’s no reason not to go ahead and update to SU/LO2020 at this point. As you are learning these programs, you might as well learn with the current collection of features.

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Great. Thank you.

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I had to do this for some old machines when I upgraded them and like @colin said it was retaining previous versions of SU on old machines that really messed with SU and paid extensions were seeing the old activations also.