SU 2022 not allowing access

Hi I am having trouble getting the new version to work. I have one seat on my PRO license and I have never had an issue downloading the latest verion. Any ideas as to what is happening? My license is still valid.

Ai, you might be logged in on other devices. (Each version counts as a device……)
To continue, you might wanna log out in the older versions or use the blue link to manage your devices.
This can be done by choosing ‘My Products’, click on ‘View Included Apps’ and then on ‘Manage devices’ and confirm (unfortunately the link in the welcome screen doesn’t bring you directly to that other link…)
Once done, back in that welcome screen, click on the little green person icon in the top right, sign out and then back in.

Thanks Mike.

I have some work that I need to finish so I don’t want to mess about with activating and deactivating licenses just in case. Once again Trimble has made something that was simple complicated. I have one seat on one device. Surely it should cover the software versions on that machine. I can only open one product at a time which is fine, but I shouldn’t have to mess about to this degree to upgrade, which is included in my license fee.

I have used this product for a very very long time and I am beginning to get more and more frustrated with its management. The updates in the latest release, while welcome, seem like shuffling the chairs on the deck. Maybe the money that was spent on new logos should have been invested in new functionality.