Updated MSI installer?


I wanted to try the SketchUp Pro version. I’m on a linux box and install Windows is not an option. I know Linux is not supported at all, but SketchUp Pro seems to work very well in Wine.

The exe installer doesn’t work with Wine for some reason (ids_error_no_wizard_pages installer error, which seems to be a bug in wine letting the installer think there is no enough space on the drive), but the MSI does. I managed to download the msi installer, and it installed after installing fonts, vc runtime 2019 and .NET 4.5.2 runtime.

Problem is that the updated downloads the exe setup, which again will fail installing. Thus the question: would it be possible to update the MSI version available to the download, so that I can install the latest version of the software?

Thank you very much!

Fixing the exe version would be welcome, too…

MSI installers can be found if you look for administering a network license and doing a silent install:



I’ve tried downloading the MSI installer from the link, but it’s the very same version of the previous one (21.0.339). Exe installer fails with the /silent option, too (due to wine bug I suppose).

Windows version didn’t receive any updates, merely ‘cosmetic’.
You can uncheck the ‘check for updates’ in Preferences but I don’t know if that will stick in a VE.