V2017 MSI link broken

The link to the v2017 MSI displays a page can’t be found message. The v 2016 and v 2018 are good but how can I locate the MSI for v 2017?? That’s what we are licensed for.

Here;s the broken link


Where did you get that link? It seems to be obsolete. Look at this page to get the correct links:

thanks but I need the MSI not the EXE to deploy.

Here’s the link with the MSI files

Hmm, when I look at that page I see the link for 2017 going to


Isn’t that exe just a self-extractor that contains the msi?

Why would there be an MSI for 2018 and 2016 but not 2017?.. we had one for 2015.

We’ve had to create our own MSI from the EXE. The MSI is so much easier to deploy as the licensing file can be included.

I guess I exceeded my pay grade. Just a Mac user…

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You were very helpful - I kept digging and yes the MSI displays in %appdata%\Local\Temp after running the EXE. So I think we are good. I still say it’s odd that they offer the MSI for other versions. We need to deploy to about 1500 computers for our school district!

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