Updated 2021 crash regular user but not admin

Our office updated sketchup pro 2021 today and it immediately crashes. When starting we either get the Bug Splat popup immediately or when it tries to open a file, even a new file. The Bug Splat popup does not let you “view report details”. We have put our email address in and reported many times, but never heard back. We open the program as administrator and no issues. We have uninstalled, reinstalled, followed advice from several forum posts, nothing works. We sent an online request for help to Sketchup but have not heard back. Can anyone help?

Have you tried the recommended ‘Repair’ ?
Whilst logged-in to Windows with your normal user-account, find the SketchUp installer’s exe file - in your Downloads folder ?
Select the installer’s exe file’s icon, right-click > context-menu > “Run as administrator”.
When prompted choose “Repair”…
Any better ?

Having admin-powers is not the same as using “Run as administrator” - so for example never double-click an installer’s exe file to ‘Run’ it - all kinds of permissions problems and unpredictable issues can sneak in…

Running an app like SketchUp as the administrator will cause subtle issues - e.g. drag-and-drop won’t work because Windows Explorer always runs at a basic level of permissions, and Windows will prevent it affecting Sketch which would then have elevated permissions…

I did repair it, restarted, but no change.

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I just repaired it again to make sure, but no change.

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Perhaps @colin might have some more ideas…

I have seen cases where SketchUp would crash as non-admin user, and not as admin user, but only when the welcome screen or document screen was on a particular monitor.

Do you get the same results if you’re running with one monitor?

Yes. I’m on a laptop with Nvidia graphics card. I was running dual monitors, but disconnected from docking station, restarted only using the laptop screen. Same issue, crashes immediately upon selecting file to open or new file. I immediately selected “run as administrator” and it opens with no issues. I uninstalled twilight and other extensions to verify they weren’t the cause, but still crashes.

Just tried to duplicate your issue this morning. I have a spare Asus N550J laptop with GTX 850m graphics. I almost never use an external monitor with it but I tried to start up SU Pro (21.1.299) with an external monitor and it started fine. Now, I’m not using a docking station so that might be the issue. Can you plug in a monitor to the laptop directly and see if it crashes?

Docking stations do cause all kinds of trouble, but usually it is about OpenGL or Nvidia cards refusing to run through them. Never heard about them refusing to serve one user but working with another.

I wonder if repairing the installation (running the installer as admin) while logged in with the user account would do anything.
Are the same Internet ports open to administrators and normal users?

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No idea but I’ve never installed with the right-click method and I’ve not had any trouble, ever, 100% of my installs have been successful. Even with this laptop I tested this morning. No issues at all. Not to beat a dead horse but none of my software has been installed that way and I have no issues at all. AutoCAD, Revit, Adobe Creative Cloud, Simlab, Blender, Form Z, none of them.
Current SU Pro update being pushed out doesn’t ask to be installed that way either. Just click to download and install.

I agree on docking stations having issues. We have issues with our Project Managers with their Lenovo units and docking stations. I went and bought a eGPU lightning dock with a GTX 1050 and used this instead of their Lenovo dock and so far so good for the one user we have tried. His display issues have seemed to have stopped. Also we all have Dell U3818DW monitors and I don’t think that their laptops have the “juice” to push those screens all that well with shared ram and onboard Intel graphics.

Me neither. But I am the sole user of my computers. When installing SketchUp, the installer places certain parts of the installation in the Appdata folder of the current user account. I don’t know what happens when thereafter another user logs in and launches SketchUp.

Some people never had problems, some do immediately, some do after years of using SketchUp without any trouble.
It doesn’t hurt to do a repair, at least then you know it is installed the way it should be.

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I don’t know but I highly doubt that I’ve been “lucky” 100% of the time.

That would be less then 100% if it is the reason for your current troubles.
But I guess you’ll never know…

I rather suspect that some brands of antivirus/firewall applications are behind the hassle. Cannot pinpoint which.

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Solving a problem is about ruling out possible causes.
A repair would take a few minutes and if the problem still persists you have ruled out one possible cause…

I don’t have any troubles with SU… none.

And/or user error in how they’ve done something to the computer. Wasn’t there a user that tried to move the install folder location AFTER installing SU?

Sorry, I mistook you for the topic starter…

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Still not working. I have tried everything Sketchup support has recommended; deleting microsoft files, uninstall, reinstall, turned off all virus protection and fire walls, etc. I can get the first popup screen that allows you to select templates or files, then I select a file or template, it starts to opens and crashes.
We have other computers in the office and it opens with no issues, same Windows 10, virus protection, and fire walls.